Monday, February 19, 2007


  • Quote: A buddy of mine after watching Bud examine the front and back of her hand for about ten minutes (open-palm): "Woah, am I on mushrooms or am I five months old?"
  • Update: Newmommy and I are going to try a modified "Cry-it-Out" approach to Bud's mid-night wake-ups due to Binky loss. If she wakes up in the middle of the night, we're not going to rush in to give her the pacifier unless the crying is really bad (right now all she does is moan and whine...I don't mean to inject religion into the discussion but the best word I can think of is :"kvetch") or if it lasts for an extended period of time. That period of time is under debate...but it will probably be somewhere between fifteen and thirty minutes.
  • Reader Pimpage: An extremely well-padded 3-year old attempts to skate, skate, sk-sk-sk-roller-skate.
  • Observation: Has anyone else noticed that during the show "24" Fox tries to inject the show into the trailers for the news? "Coming up at 10...what scares Jack Bower the most about the upcoming season of 24?...and Iraq, only on Fox News at 10."

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